This day will surely be unique to you and thanks to our limousines will get even better expression

The offer includes:

limousine with chauffeur:
  • limousine - 8-10 seater (plus the driver), comfortable, well-maintained, air-conditioned
  • chauffeur - elegant, cultured, discreet, comfortably and safely will take you to your destination


unique atmosphere:
  • music - selected from our collection or brought by you
  • drinks - welcome free champagne, on request additional alcohol or soft drinks (you can also bring your own)
  • snacks - on request, according to your expectations (you can also bring your own)
  • lighting - properly selected: romantic, elegant or dynamic disco
  • TV - feel free to bring your own occasional movies, slideshows, etc., that will make time spent in our limousine even more enjoyable

countless additional options

- the only limitation is your imagination (special interior design, photographer, and many others...)


The price includes:

- hiring limousine with chauffeur for a period of 3 hours (mileage not limited), wedding decorations for the car and the occasional plates (there is a possibility to decorate car by your own)

- to meet your expectations, every next hour is calculated in an individual way, so hour price would not limit your needs.


starting from 700 PLN / 3 h
from 850 PLN / 4 h


Mentioned price is only approximate. The most important for us is our customer satisfaction and calculating the cost of a particular individual offer, we always first take in consideration our client's needs, expectations and possibilities. Our priority is your satisfaction with our services and that you are willing to come back to us and recommend us.